Arts & Culture

Arts & Culture are the greatest means of achieving community well-being and even physical fitness. Through song, dance, cultural education and even eco-tourism, we can restore priceless traditional wisdom and celebrate life together as a community with renewed bonds and hope for a brighter future.


Boogie for the Body & the Brain: Therapeutic Uses of Dance

Dance may serve as a therapeutic activity that can help improve different aspects of life. Read more..


The GRIP Team


Reflections on the 100 Year Journey Gala

The GRIP team calls on community members to invest time, money and energy towards youth’ success. Invest in their education, invest in their businesses and invest in their futures. We encourage young people to participate as well, in community get-togethers and events such as the annual 100 Year Gala. Read more..


The GRIP Team


Canadian Doctors Can Now Prescribe a Visit to an Art Museum

People go to the doctor when they are sick, and expect to receive a prescription that they bring to the pharmacy to fill. Now, a group of Canadian physicians is writing a radically different type of prescription: a trip to the museum. Read more..


Bonnie Riva Ras