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Economic Justice

Every human being deserves the right to food, shelter and other basic needs. Poverty impacts the young and old, citizens, immigrants and refugees. Due to lack of affordability, families are forced to live in cramped and uncomfortable spaces or consume unhealthy fast food, leading to problems. 


Affordable Housing Solutions in Urban Planning

It is time for bold approaches that empower urban dwellers and prospective urban dwellers through income equality and increased support from government. Read more..


Jashan Singh Randhawa & Jennica Palecek


Myths About Homelessness

There are many myths about homelessness that impact how we respond as individuals and as communities. Some people believe folks experiencing homelessness just need to work harder and everything will improve. Others believe that everyone who experiences homelessness uses drugs. The reality is each individual has a unique story with many factors that all contribute to them becoming homeless. Read more..

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Rain City Housing


L.A employs homeless to clean up streets

Los Angeles recently launched an initiative intended to improve public health, empower the destitute, and advance sanitation efforts in the epicenter of the city’s homeless crisis: Skid Row. Read more..


Jeffrey Cawood


Modular housing cleaned up developing community

In the first six months after three modular housing complexes opened last year in Surrey, property crime in the area decreased significantly, according to RCMP statistics. Property crime — which includes theft, mischief and burglaries — went down by nearly 12 per cent after the housing opened in June 2018, compared to the first six months of that year. Read more..


Rena Medow, Kathryn Tindale, Patrick Penner

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