Electric vehicles (EVs) and trains have demonstrated to be the most effective and reliable renewable energy transportation methods to date. Biofuel (natural gas), bio-diesel, and hydrogen fuel cell are other technologies in the works. It needs to be a priority that countries work on a transition plan to curb emissions from transportation and accomodate growing populations.


Electric cars take the spotlight in China’s post-coronavirus stimulus plans

"In the last few weeks, NEV subsidies and tax break policies set to expire this year were extended by two years to 2022. Battery charging infrastructure – frequently cited as a reason for not buying an electric car – got an injection of 2.7 billion yuan. That would allow for a ten-fold increase in scale versus last year, according to state media." Read more..

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Canadian start-up FORGE secures investment for biofuel plant from Shell Ventures

FORGE’s lipid-to-hydrocarbon (LTH) technology produces renewable jet fuel, diesel and naphtha from waste fats and oils. The renewable diesel and jet fuel have 90% less carbon intensity than fossil-based diesel, according to the company. Read more..

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McLaren Says Synthetic Fuels Could Be An EV Alternative

Ludmann believes it could be a viable alternative to electricity, especially when factoring battery production into the EV’s environmental impact, and if solar energy is used in the fuel’s production. Read more..

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Anthony Alaniz


Canada's Green Transition - When?

Now is the right time to invest in next generation vehicles that will allow you to gift the next generation a land with more beauty than you were able to enjoy, not less. Read more..


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The Boring Company Completes 1st Tunnel For Las Vegas Loop Project

The trip by car on surface streets would normally take about 15 minutes. Elon Musk says that time will be slashed to around 1 minute using electrified vehicles that can travel at speeds of up to 155 mph underground. Read more..

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Jeremy Hainsworth

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The World’s First Fully Solar-Powered Train Just Left the Station

On December 16, a fully solar-powered train took a short but groundbreaking journey in New South Wales, Australia. The company behind the train, the Byron Bay Railroad Company, brought the vintage passenger vehicle back to life to prove that solar power can actually work for transportation. Read more..