Since the beginnings of modern democracy, budding democracies in developing nations have undergone periods of both rapid and stagnated growth, as well as instability. Political and economic turmoils also affect and occur in the developed world. Events involve residents losing access to essential services, such as food, water and energy. The elderly in particular have an unclear fate, in terms of services such as pension security and protection from harm, that are basic human rights. 


The chain that COVID-19 cannot break

As the COVID-19 pandemic causes border closures, travel restrictions and supply chain complexities never faced before, the World Food Programme (WFP) must find ways to continue saving and changing the lives of the most vulnerable. These include the 11.6 million children who are no longer receiving WFP-supported school meals due to school closures — a number set to rise further in the coming days and weeks. Read more..

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Selina Chan


UN sets out COVID-19 social and economic recovery plan

“The longer-term social and economic impact of this crisis will be profound. That is why we are committed to leading the UN’s socio-economic response, at the UN Secretary-General’s request, in partnership with our sister UN agencies and under the leadership of the UN Resident Coordinators in the countries we serve,” said UNDP Administrator Achim Steiner. Read more..

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UN Development Programme


World Bank Group and IMF mobilize partners in the fight against COVID-19 in Africa

The World Bank Group and the IMF suggested a range of financing options and policy tools as part of the pandemic response, many of which African countries are looking to implement as they plan for the medium and long-term impacts of the crisis. These include further financing from official and private sector creditors. Read more..

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Aby K. Toure & Meera Louis


Khalsa Aid Humanitarian Updates

Khalsa Aid is an international NGO with the aim to provide humanitarian aid in disaster areas and civil conflict zones around the world. Learn more..

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Khalsa Aid