Sustainable Agriculture

The production of food has and always will be a priority for humanity. Questions to think about include how important is self-sufficiency? When are import substitutes required? What is the importance of an interdependent, reliable network for food supply? What are the by-products of growing food and how does the process remain sustainable?


Sustainable Waste Management in the Township of Langley

it may just be the right time for the Township to consider its own biofuel recycling facility servicing urban and rural properties. These facilities emit no odours, help reduce community-wide greenhouse gas (especially from methane which is a problem arising from local farms). The facilities are able to process tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of tonnes of waste per year, equivalent to taking tens of thousands of cars off the road annually. Read more..


The GRIP Team


No alternative to sustainable agriculture: how community-supported farms show the way to food security in an uncertain world

The Covid-19 crisis is the biggest test in decades of our preparedness for a planetary disaster. As it turns out, it only took a few weeks to expose the vulnerability and deep-seated fragility of our economic and political systems. One of the areas in which we are least prepared for the many complex challenges surrounding us is in our relationship to food. Read more..

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Gabriel Popham

Provide viability gap funding for biomass projects: Punjab CM to Centre

Chief minister Captain Amarinder Singh on Friday wrote to the Centre reiterating his demand for viability gap funding (VGF) for biomass power projects and biomass solar hybrid power projects to check stubble burning in the state. Read more..

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