Recent innovations in urban waste management, such as waste-to-energy recycling and multiple bin waste collection, are enabling municipalities to divert waste from landfills to recycling facilities.
Large cities have the capacity to fund cost-effective waste collection and recycling programs. Smaller towns and villages are still having to rely on urban facilities that come with the cost of self-hauling to transfer stations. Crop-burning and garbage-burning practices are also a concern that lead to health and environmental problems. 


Sustainable Waste Management in the Township of Langley may just be the right time for the Township to consider its own biofuel recycling facility servicing urban and rural properties. These facilities emit no odours, help reduce community-wide greenhouse gas (especially from methane which is a problem arising from local farms). The facilities are able to process tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of tonnes of waste per year, equivalent to taking tens of thousands of cars off the road annually. Read more..

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Here's how less than one percent of Sweden's waste ends up in landfills

"Waste to energy is a smart alternative, with less environmental impact, taking into account both by-products of incineration and emissions from transport. Plus, recovering energy from waste exploits a resource that would otherwise be wasted." Read more..

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Consortium to construct four waste-to-energy plants in Moscow region

The idea of Energy-from-Waste (EfW) is relatively new to the Moscow Region and Russia in general. A total of four EfW plants (Moscow 1-4) are to be constructed on the city’s land over the next four years. Construction of the first plant has already begun around 80 km southeast of the city center. Read more..

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Surrey Biofuel Facility Earns Envision Platinum

The Surrey Biofuel Facility located in the City of Surrey, British Columbia is the most recent recipient of the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure (ISI) Envision Platinum award. This is the first waste sector infrastructure project in North America and the third Canadian project overall to earn the prestigious Envision award for sustainability. Read more..