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Education Reform

Students of traditional education system often feel like they have come out of school lacking real world skills, burdened by heavy debt, and lacking opportunities. Some schools are using new and innovative payment structures for students who struggle with paying tuition, including paying after graduating and obtaining a well-paying jobs. Other schools are experimenting with classroom engagement practices to enhance learning.


Future of Education

..Whether one believes the traditional higher education system to be effective or ineffective, one must ask the question, has the university system really improved in the last hundred years? What if there is a better way to do it? Read more..


Ekam Singh Dhaliwal & Jashan Singh Randhawa


The Importance of Safe Learning Environments

The issue of safety within academic institutions has become one of increasing concern, particularly for female students. Recent incidences indicate that learning environments, places that are like second homes to students are turning into crime scenes for far too many incidences. Read more..


Olivia Calton, Susanna Piasecki & Jashan Singh Randhawa

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