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Community Development

Community well-being and safety are the best investments any governing body can decide to research and act on. A healthy community provides its residents with strong supportive institutions, including arts, culture, healthcare, law enforcement, justice, democracy, and free enterprise. 
The influence of illegal organizations as well as corruption and hyperpartisanship is what often hinders and prevents community residents from living their lives to the fullest. 


Boogie for the Body & the Brain: Therapeutic Uses of Dance

​Dance may serve as a therapeutic activity that can help improve different aspects of life. Read more..


Albert Saguil & Jashan Singh Randhawa


Vulnerable Children of Vancouver

For far too long the issues of foster children and low income youth have been ignored. It is to be acknowledged that the government’s current policies are actually punishing these children. Vulnerable youth are ending up homeless. They are lacking the support to graduate from high school and university and are subsequently robbed of their right to succeed. Read more..


Anna T. Bui & Jashan Singh Randhawa


Reflections on the 100 Year Journey Gala

The GRIP team calls on community members to invest time, money and energy towards youth’ success. Invest in their education, invest in their businesses and invest in their futures. We encourage young people to participate as well, in community get-togethers and events such as the annual 100 Year Gala. Read more..


Jusjeet Singh Dadwal & Jashan Singh Randhawa

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